Teksticap | A Festicap with custom engraving

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The Teksticap is without doubt the most unique Festicap. Write the text you want on your Teksticap and give it as a present to your rave crew or friend.

How do you use the Festicap?

Very simple: use one of two sides of the Festicap to twist it onto the bottle opening, just like a normal bottlecap. The bottle is now tightly closed so that you can dance, run and jump. Without getting water or soda all over you, or dirt sticking to the opening of the bottle.

Which bottles are suitable?
  • Sourcy blue 0.5l
  • Sourcy red 0.5l
  • Chaudfontaine blue 0.5l
  • Chaudfontaine red 0.5l
  • Chaudfontaine blue 0.33l
  • Spa blue 0.5l
  • Spa red 0.5l
  • Coca Cola / Fanta / Cassis 0.5l
  • Crystal clear 0.5l
Product content
  • 1x Teksticap
  • 1x Keychain
  • Optional: 1x One Carbiner (+€1,00)
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