We love festivals, but what we don't like is that festivals sell their drinks without the bottlecaps. Bottles that fall over, slosh and become dirty. After which you have to queue up again for a new bottle. That can be smarter!

We were tired of always finding out which brands of bottles are sold at parties and festivals, hiding a different cap in each pocket to make sure you always have one left. Stop looking for the right festival bottlecap! You can easily take this keychain with you wherever you go. It fits on allmost every bottles.

We looked at the most common bottles at parties and festivals. Then we came up with the idea to develop a keychain bottlecap that is designed in such a way that it is universal. 'Smuggling' caps is therefore a thing of the past. A keychain, provided it is attached to the key ring, may not be confiscated by security.

100% biodegradable

Festicaps are 3D printed from biodegradable material. Festicaps are therefore not harmful to the environment. Festicaps are not only very useful, but also very collectible. We make small runs with unique and handy versions of the Festicap, such as the Teksticap and the Festicap Pro. That way you always have a unique gift for your festival-celebrating friends. Or for your own collection of course!

Festicaps are a Dutch invention and they are also made in the Netherlands, the land of DJs and festivals. Available all over the World. Rave safe!

Also all kinds of other gadgets

Of course, Festicaps are not the only thing you need at a festival. That is why we also make our own clothing, snort pipes and we are also working on kaleidoscope glasses from the 3D printer. Cool!