We at Festicap love festivals, but we don't like bottles without bottlecaps. Have you just been dancing or flirting, is your bottle empty again bacause of your wild moves, or maybe there's a wasp in it. Now you have to stand in line again for a new bottle of drink that costs 26 thousand festival tokens. This can be done smarter, and more wallet friendly.

We were tired of always finding out what kind of bottles are sold at parties and festivals, hiding a different bottlecap in every pocket so that you always have the right one with you. Taking the risk that security will take away your caps. STOP YOUR SEARCH, we have the one and only universal festival bottlecap! You can easily take this keychain with you wherever you go. Fits basically every bottle.

We looked at the most common bottles at parties and festivals. Then we came up with the idea of ​​developing a keychain that is designed in such a way that it is a universal bottlecap. 'Smuggling' all kinds of different bottlecaps to a festival is therefore no longer necessary. A keychain may not be taken by security!


Made from corn.. wait, what?!

Festicaps are 3D printed from bio-plastic. This plastic is made from corn and is biodegradable! Festicaps are therefore not harmful to the environment. You don't have to worry that your cap will suddenly disintegrate, because under human circumstances it is just a hard and strong plastic like any other.

Festicaps are not only super handy, but also very collectible. We make limited edition versois with unique and handy features, such as the Teksticap and the Festicap Pro. This means you always have a great gift for your festival friends. Or secretly get one for your own collection of course!

Festicaps are a Dutch invention and are also made in the Netherlands, the land of DJs and festivals. Available all over the world. Rave safe & stay hydrated!


Manufactured with 100% Solar Energy

We use our own solar panels to power twenty 3D printers. We generate more power than we use, which is why Festicaps are made with 100% solar energy. The exces electricity is used to cool some refeshing drinks at the office. Hydration is key!


Other gadgets

Of course Festicaps are not the only thing you need at a festival. That is why we also make clothing, snort pipes and trippy glasses.